Galvanic Current

Almost everyone has blackheads at one point in their lives. So, you wash and scrub, wash and scrub, then google for advice but nothing gives the results. You are ready to give up fighting for clearer skin from blackheads, breakouts and clogged pores. There is hope! This is where you need an ultrasonic skin scrubber, also referred to as an ultrasonic skin spatula. 


What is it?

Think of ultrasonic skin scrubber as a device that basically "jiggles out"  dead skin cells, dirt, sebum, and grime. It's a small handheld device, compact enough to use at home or travel with that vibrates ultrasonically. 

How does it work?

 Skin spatulas work (galvanic current) in two ways: By using ultrasonic vibrations  up to 30,000 Hz to exfoliate the skin and draw out excess oils and impurities, then sliding over the skin to scoop up what you’ve extracted.  Making it efficient and effective.  

product penetration

The spatulas can also be used to apply products. It’s also designed to make your favorite skin care serums penetrate your skin more deeply  for maximum absorption and effectiveness. 


Gentle enough for sensitive skin

The ultrasonic skin spatula is recommended for all skin types. However, If you are also one with sensitive skin, a skin spatula is a wonderful alternative to skin cleansing brushes and  microdermabrasion tools. It works particularly best for red or rosacea-prone sensitive skin that typically doesn't respond well to other exfoliation methods. You control the pressure, angle and direction of the spatula to delicately work debris from your pores, focusing on problem areas and exfoliating the skin gently without aggressively brushing or peeling it. 


Do not use on dry skin

You need to use this form of treatment on wet skin. I prepp my face with witch hazel before using this tool because my skin is oily. The skin must continually be kept wet for it to work. Don't have moisturizer on the skin, just cleanse and keep skin wet with either water or an alcohol-free toner. Best results are after you have steamed your face or are directly out of a bath or shower. The pores are open and the debris clogging them is softened up.


How Often should I use it?

   You never want to use any form of exfoliation, even if gentle, every day because you don't want to over-exfoliate. Stick to using it 5 days a week, at most for oily skin, sensitive  1 - 2 times per week. The skin needs time to recover.