What will the Anma do for you?

It will release any blockages in the muscles, skin, and fascia that are preventing optimal circulation and release tension that we don’t need to carry with us. When we release tension and restore optimal circulation, deep lines can soften, skin becomes rosy and plump again, and worry and strain can melt from the face. Using the ANMA can make any skincare treatment more effective. 

Anma Fascial Release


What is Fascia?

Superficial fascia is the layer of connective tissue right under the skin on the face. It acts as the support and infrastructure for your skin and is responsible for giving your face that "lifted" and "toned" appearance. It can also carry a lot of tension and adhesions that restrict circulation of blood and lymph. This sheet of tissue, made up of densely packed protein fibers, weaves throughout the entire body, and it binds and supports muscles, bones and even organs. 


What Does it Do?

Fascial research shows that the superficial fascia has a strong connection to the skin. It plays an important role in thermoregulation and skin vascularisation. Restrictions in the many lymphatic vessels throughout the superficial fascia can affect lymph drainage and subsequent oedema damages skin elasticity.   


Better THAN botox?

When we age, the circulation of nutrient-rich blood and detoxifying lymph slow down and we develop sluggish skin.  when Botox is used for long periods of time without a break , the skin becomes more "stagnant."  Botox decreases blood flow in the face even more by immobilizing the facial muscles. With long-term use, the deadened facial muscle can atrophy which can take on a gray and lifeless colar.  

The Amazing ANMA by Jane Mann